Stylish Services

Discover What to Wear (or What Not to Wear…)

Does getting dressed cause you stress?  Do you  have trouble putting your outfits together? Do you feel you pick outfits that don’t match your age or body type? Do you want to express yourself more? You might also feel like you choose the same three outfits. If this sounds like your life, lets fix it!


  • Understand how to dress for your body shape and age
  • Understand how to accessorize outfits you didn’t realize needed accessories
  • Understand what prints and colours flatter you
  • Understand how to find great deals on your wardrobe
  • Gain confidence in your closet and you!
  • Stop dreading what to wear!
  • Together we will create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. And be able to pick outfits in less than 10-15 minutes each day.
  • Personalized portfolio included with this service

Investment: Customizable upon your request

Shop With Me or For Me

Want some help buying a new wardrobe? I’ll come along on your shopping trip, or simply go shopping for you!

Do you HATE shopping and trying on clothes? Or don’t know what stores to go to for great deals that won’t break the bank? I would LOVE to help you out with this! (You don’t need to be present for this – “Shop for Me” package).


  • Together we can create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle
  • Change your approaches when it comes to shopping, and learn to shop like a pro!
  • Determine which items you should be splurging on vs saving on!

Investment: $50/hr

Closet Re-Vamp (Micro or Macro)

De-clutter and re-organize that dreaded closet you just don’t have time to deal with!

Have you lost your favorite clothing piece in the mountains of clothing on the bottom of your closet? Let me help you save time and stress! (You do not need to be present for this).

Micro Re-Vamp:

A reorganization of your closet coordination of your choice (if you prefer).


  • An easy-to-find closet that saves you time and effort

Investment: $50/hr

Macro Re-Vamp:

We will get rid of all those unworn, unwanted, and unnecessary  items you’ve been holding onto for what seems like eternity! I will assist you in deciding whether you should keep, toss, donate or give to a friend. Once this is finished, I will reorganize your closet for an easy, accessible, mountain-less closet.


  • A closet full of items you’ll actually wear, set up in a non-stressful setup
  • No more hole-y clothing, clothes that don’t fit anymore, or any excess items

Investment: $100/hr

Packing Fun

Are you leaving on a trip? And don’t know what to pack? Or don’t have time to figure out cute outfits that will make you look and feel amazing? Then let me pack your suitcase!

We will pack you awesome, cute, sexy outfits you will feel confident in. We will give you multi-functional outfits or pieces, that way you don’t over pack (and you can even do some shopping on vacay). Most of all, we will save you time and effort you don’t have! (You do not need to be present for this).


  • Suitcase filled with fully functional and multi functional outfits with room to spare.
  • No more photos with the same drab vacation outfits
  • Feel confident while on vacation, relaxing and sightseeing

Investment: $50/hr

**All services require a $50 deposit up-front**