Shop With Me Consultation


Meet my client Terry, Terry is a previous co-worker who approached me on updating his wardrobe for work and for more business-focused events. Terry wanted to find pieces that were durable and could be multi-functional. When he approached me with this, I instantly thought of the ABC Pant from Lululemon ( a store which I don’t think Terry would have set foot in otherwise). Then we set off to RW&Co, a store that I knew I could find Terry very transitional pieces from here that would be flattering and be appropriate for what he was looking for.

We found Terry a pair of Lululemon ABC pants in black (which he said he was going to go back and buy a few more colors), a checkered button up – steering away from his plaid choices, a pair of dark wash jeans, A blazer, A collared sweater, a sweater and a reversible belt. These pieces Terry and I believed that the pieces we chose could be used as staple pieces for what Terry already had in his closet.

Thank you for working with me Terry, and for understanding, Je Suis Style isn’t just for women. Enjoy your new wardrobe!

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