Shop With Me Consultation


I am over the top ecstatic for my client Paige! She had approached me about finding a new wardrobe similar to her own, but wanted to add pieces that were transitional and that she could wear on a “night out with the girls”. As well, she didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on new clothes. Paige is a power engineer, therefore she doesn’t work in an office and spends most of her time in hoodies, jeans and work boots (You Go Girl!!).

I didn’t want to put her too out of her comfort zone, so I took her to my favorite consignment store, Stasia Boutique, where we found everything we needed, of course! We picked out pieces that she would easily be able to pair with leggings or jeans, and easily dress them up.

We were able to find Paige 13 staple pieces, including 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of pants, several pieces of jewellery, several tops, and even a leather jacket that she can pair with everything we found.

I was so happy seeing the confident smile she had on her face every time she came out of the change room. I loved hearing her say “I feel pretty”, “This is so cute!”, “I can’t wait to wear this!” and “My legs look so long.”

I am so happy that we found so many wonderful pieces that you love and feel comfortable in! Thank you for working with me Paige!

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