Reduce. Reuse. Re-Wear.

Want to make an impact on the environment? Start re-wearing your clothing you’ve forgotten about.


We live in a world where fashion is not only expressing ourselves with our clothes but through our clothes. I hear more and more people say, I support local, or I only want to support ethically friendly fashion. I think that this is wonderful how many people are conscious of their ecological footprint and how they want every last detail to count when it comes to the environment and supporting small businesses. What I don’t think we realize as individuals we say this but are hypocritical with our actions. We want new clothes, ones that are environmentally friendly, or local, and I hear a lot of talk about getting rid of the old in order to bring in the new.

In North America alone, 85% of our collective apparel ends up in the landfill. Which is over 10.5 million tons of clothing. The most popular solution to unwanted or clothing that no longer fits is donating it to charities, local thrift stores or even consignment shops. Even if you don’t have the time to drop off your bag at one of these stores, most of them have a pickup service to prevent these clothes from ending up in the landfill. There is no need for us to be throwing old clothing in the garbage, and clogging up our landfills. I always say that one woman’s trash is another one’s treasure.

Recently, I have been feeling guilty about bagging up my clothes and just giving them to Value Village, I recognize I have similar sized friends whom will give my clothing that I no longer want a “forever home”. I have started hosting clothing swaps, I invite my friends over, tell them to bring a bag of clothing or items they don’t want or need anymore, and make an afternoon of it. It’s a great way to get together with your girlfriends on a Saturday and you even go home with a goody bag full of clothes that are new to you in the end. Everything that is left over at the end is typically donated to charity or given to a shelter. What a great way to feel good!

I commonly hear my friends talk about pieces of clothing they forget about or were just sitting at the back of their closet, and I am so shocked that most people don’t know the makeup of their closet and know every piece they have in it (I’m definitely a rare entity to this situation). With my Macro or Micro closet organizing service, you can remember every piece found in your closet, and have several new, trendy outfits in your hands, that you didn’t even know existed 24 hours ago. I have had two clients take advantage of this service and found wonderful results from it.

Kathleen: I went through Kathleen’s closet looking for new cute trendy outfits that are comfortable for work and for at home. We totaled up all the new outfits and combinations we found her in her closet alone. We found 24 for new outfits for her to wear, and how to transition each piece into different seasons, what accessories to wear with each outfit, how to transition from day to night and what shoes to wear. 

Camille: I went through Camille’s closet doing the same as Kathleen’s, but trying to downsize in order for her boyfriend to move in. As well as assisting Camille in packing for her trip to Scotland. We found a total of 17 new outfits in her closet, and she even gave me some pieces to take home that she couldn’t find the use for anymore (How Sweet!).

With the help of my two clients Camille and Kathleen, I wanted to show that letting Je Suis Style go through your closet, not only saves you money and time but allows you to provide positive environmental impact as well. We discovered that the average outfit costs anywhere from $230-$400 (of course give or take depending on your clothing taste). If Kathleen wanted to go buy 24 new outfits from the store she would be paying anywhere from $5,520 to $9,600. With my Macro Closet Organizing Service, it only cost her $350 – she saved an INSANE amount, and it only took me 3.5 hours. Similar to Kathleen, Camille would have paid anywhere from $3,910 to $6,800, and her investment for a Micro Closet Organizing was $125 for a 2.5 hours job.

Let’s stop putting our old clothes in the landfills, and start putting them back in our closets and in our friends. Re-Wear your clothes!

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